Socio-Cultural Best Practices

> Sheri Heller

Lakeland College

Sheri Heller teaches in the Adventure Tourism & Outdoor Recreation diploma program at Lakeland College, Vermilion, AB. This program focuses on preparing qualified employees for the outdoor tourism industry through guiding skills, leadership skills and business skills.


> Bev Thornton

Crown of the Continent

The Crown of the Continent Geotourism Council is a regional network of communities, tourism bureaus, conservation and business groups, educators, First Nations, government agencies, and others working together in the region that includes and surrounds Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park in southwestern Alberta, southeastern British Columbia, and northwestern Montana. Established in 2007, the partnership’s focus to date has been collaboration with National Geographic Society on the Crown of the Continent MapGuide and the development of this website.



> Corrine Card

Métis Crossing

Located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in the historical Victoria District, Métis Crossing allows visitors to step back in time and experience one of the earliest Métis communities in Alberta. Stretching 512 acres with campground and RV parking, Métis Crossing is home to a unique history, culture, and celebrations.

While its origin was built on farming, buffalo hunting, and trading, today Métis Crossing attracts visitors for its beauty, history, and sense of adventure. It is Alberta’s premier centre for Métis cultural interpretation. Come and “Experience Our Exciting Culture.”


> Andrew Pratt

Inside Out Experience

Inside Out Experience is an industry leader in providing exceptional outdoor experiences. We are the Choice of the Best Corporate Companies, Tour Operators and Youth Groups World wide. It’s difficult to find such Unique and Amazing Activities such as those that we offer which allow you to have a Wild Experience and then have the comfort of either putting your head on your own pillow that evening or in the comfort of your hotel room. Our Goal has been and continues to be to provide you with a unique and rewarding outdoor experience with memories that will last you a lifetime.We are a YEAR round Adventure Company offering unique adventures, team building programs, first aid programs and much more.

Our uniqueness is that our tours are interpretive and experiential (learn by doing), Activities are non-motorized and by staying on established trails and rivers, the impact is minimal. It is in our best interest to keep these environments as pristine as possible for future tourism activities. We are involved with many Corporations and Organizations so as to keep this integrity.